Saturday, April 25, 2009

weekly favorites

10": pelargonium balcon dark pink, all torenia, scaevola white & million bells cherry pink

8": lavender provence, colocasia illustris, eucomis, ipomea marguarita

canna australia

dahlia mystic illusion

novalis qts: million bells tangerine, petunia surfinia red

perennial: gerainium rozanne & orkney cherry, heuchera camarel

furcraea foetida

arctotis wine, begonia bonfire, caladium aaron & miss muffet, all coleus! dichondra silver falls, heliotrope marine, all lantana, plecthranthus mona lavender, salvia v. paul, setcreasea, talinum

enjoy your weekend!


Friday, April 17, 2009

The Week of 4/20

Please let us know if you would like to be added to the shipping schedule for the week of 4/20:

Monday-LI(south shore) Tuesday-DC Wednesday-PA, NJ,MA Thursday- VT,BKLYN, LI Friday-CT

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kathy's Memorial Planter

Toby at NYBG sent me this photo today. Full blooms this weekend, very fitting.

FL Material Arrived Today!!

We now have lots of succulents and they are huge!! The 8" furcraea are almost ready for a bigger pot.

Lots of blooming tropicals have arrived: Mandevilla, Hibiscus, Canna, Lantana.....and many more. (click on the photo below to see slideshow)

They have been outside in FL with night temps. in the 60's. Their new home will be in our Zone 5...a bit colder than 60 but all material is fully grown and it will be better acclimated when we start shipping.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

silence before the storm?

it's a bit quiet, hybernation? the weekend forecast keeps me optimistic about the weeks end and those to follow. all plants are looking really good, many are finished and now we wait on the weather. we are all happy that many of our early spring products have been sold for '09, and hope you were all happy with the new larger sizes. i have received a lot of positive feedback, i think the bigger sizes worked better too.
we will create 14" woodland hanging baskets and additional gift items for mothers day. look for them on availabilty or email me for more info they will be perfect for the next couple of weeks when it will be too cold for some of the hanging baskets with warmer weather components.

these baskets are loaded with perennials, take advantage of this! Tell your customers, use them later, divide them...great value.

looks great/favorites of the week:
geranium orkney cherry-dark foliage with hot pink petite flowers, good form.
pansy delta lavender shades-purple,lavender, lilac, orchid...all shades are in this mix!
heuchera caramel-great color and very full!
woodland hanging baskets-sun or shade, hot or cold
petunia surfinia magenta-this will perform and will look great too.
verbena apple blossom -old school favorite for good reason. perfect pink!
sambucus black lace-very cool foliage, late flowers, looks good in mixed containers.
centaurea gymnocarpa-great in any application and transitions easily from season to season.
phormium wildwood-black(limited)
lavender provence- 8" pots are really full, fragrant, outside and budded.

FL stuff is coming in this week....i'll update again on Friday. H